"I offer you some wedding images that will make you feel"

An event as important as your wedding day deserves to be remembered forever .


When many years pass, you will continue to keep a beautiful memory of the most important moments of the day of the link.


I offer you something more , more than just memories, images with life that will transport you through time, making you not only remember your day but feel it again .

"Invest in your memories 

On your wedding day, I take natural and spontaneous photographs, where the real focus is on emotions.


My job is to go unnoticed and capture the essence of each moment, then give you some photographs with feeling.


If, at the end of your day of union, I get a smile and some tears of emotion captured in your wedding photos...


...I will have fulfilled my goal.


This story with photography began when I was still a teenager thanks to an art class in which I was taught to develop my own pictures.


Although I liked the experience, I decided to study design. And I even made a living from it.


But I soon realised that it was not what I wanted to be in life.


I changed direction and decided to train as a photographer to later specialise in wedding photography.


I have the great privilege of having learned from and worked with some of the best wedding photographers in Spain.


Although I am a wedding photographer who lives in Madrid. I travel to any part of Spain and, why not, the world.


What I like most about this profession is meeting people and discovering unusual places every time. I am also lucky to be able to do what I really like every day. For me, it makes this is the best job in the world.


And I reserve all my creativity and originality for pre-wedding and post-wedding shoots.

Aurea + Juan Carlos

"We decided on Victor right away.


The pre-wedding service has been very good.


Very aware of everything before and after the wedding. 


We have some incredible photographs.


Speed when delivering work and always prepared for any change.

Ana + Luis

"Happiness in pictures.


Victor is a great professional and very approachable.


He makes anywhere seem magical.


Always prepared for all the ideas and craziness that you can think of.


We have not done the post-wedding shoot yet and we are already looking forward to it. "

Almu + David

"I have no words to describe Victor's professionalism.


How comfortable he makes you feel.


And especially the photos, what amazing photos ... "



info@vroblas.com - +34 647 619 867


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